Condo Associatons
    Chamberlain Square
    College Court
    East Point Condos
    Greenway Condos
    Lindsay Heights
    Middletown Villa
    Rose Island
Commercial Management
    Priority Way
Office Management
    Greene Way
Industrial Management
    Watterson Court
Residential Management
    Derbyshire Estate
    Fegenbush Place
Real Estate Investment
    6162 E Kemper St
    6234 W Lamar St
Retail Management
    E&T Properties LLC

Office Management Services

Eviction, Redemption, and Legal Management

·                                 Cash for Deeds

·                                 Relocation Assistance - Cash for Keys

·                                 Eviction Coordination

·                                 Lock-Out Coordination

·                                 Personal Property Management

·                                 Property/Occupancy Inspections


·                                 Initial Broker Assignment

·                                 Occupancy Checks

·                                 Securing and Re-Keying Services

·                                 Initial Services

·                                 Property Preservation Services

·                                 Property Condition Reports

Asset Valuation and Marketing Analysis

·                                 Broker Price Opinion (BPO) and Appraisal Coordination

·                                 Marketing Strategies

·                                 Value Added Repair Analysis


·                                 Marketing Strategy Reports

·                                 Implementation of the Marketing Strategy

·                                 Monthly Marketing Reports

·                                 Mortgage Insurance and Special Handling Management

Offer Management

·                                 Offer Presentation and Offer Approval

·                                 Contract Generation and Review

Closing and Title Services

·                                 Title Procurement

·                                 Title Resolution

·                                 Escrow/Closing Coordination

·                                 HUD-1 Review and Approval


·                                 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Management Reports

·                                 Timeline and Performance Reporting

·                                 Customized Reporting


·                                 Review, Process, and Reimburse Real Estate Agents, Vendors, and Contractors

·                                 Expense Advances and Authorizations

·                                 Tracking and Documentation of Expense Reimbursements

·                                 Expense Management

·                                 Quality Control

Vendor Management

·                                 Support for current and potential vendors

·                                 Monitor vendor compliance with proper insurance and licensing requirements

·                                 Management of Broker Applications - requirements, status, reviews, screenings, approvals



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