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Condominium Association Services

Presented by Russell Quick, Broker for Russell Quick Co., Inc.

The following is a general description of the services I provide.

Take calls or e-mails through the web site from owners for problems and call the appropriate workmen to take care of the situation. Collect funds for association and make timely deposits. Make all payments on vendor accounts. All checks written on behalf of the Association are presented to the Association for signature along with a copy of the invoice being paid. All of my accounts are currently at Republic Bank and would prefer any new accounts be there. Signatures of the checks can be yours alone or a two signature account with my signature being one of them when necessary. The bank statements will be sent to the association for own reconciliation. I do not bill the owners for fees on associations I manage due to having to send out so many notices that the postage costs would be exorbitant, but I can do so. All Board Members are welcome to call me at any time to discuss any maintenance or management problems they may discover. I have maintenance personnel, though not my employees, who work for me on a regular basis. One of my maintenance men always gets good compliments for the quality of his work and mostly for his cleanup upon completion of the job. However, if you have any contractors that you have used regularly that you are satisfied with; I will employ them as necessary. I provide my own supplies except stamps which I bill back to the association. I will attend any association meetings when there is not a conflict. I try to provide a personal service for Associations I manage. I have an attorney that works with Associations that I use, but again if you have one you prefer that will work fine.

I do not take kickbacks from any vendors I may have lined up for maintenance work. Whatever the charge is, that is what will be paid. I do charge a $250.00 set up fee as setting up a new Association takes a lot of time. Pricing of my services is available upon meeting to discuss your management.


This report to be presented to Association by the 15th day of each month. It will be e-mailed to the Board of Directors as soon as available and a hard copy delivered at same. Payment of my services comes with the completed report. Cover sheet identifying association and date of report. Monthly Income Statement with Budget. Monthly Income Statement including previous year comparison after completion of first year of management. Monthly Income Statement with percentages of income and expenses as related to totals. Monthly Balance Sheet showing balance of assets and liabilities. General Ledger. Details all entries made for the month. General Journal. Listing of all General Journal Entries required during the period. Purchase Journal. Shows list of all purchases made during the month. Check Register. Shows list of all checks written during the monthly including vendor’s name, date and check number. Cash Disbursement Journal. Shows all invoices paid during the period. Cash Receipts Journal. Shows a list of all receipts for the month and from whom. Aged Receivables. Shows receivables due for 30-60 and over 90 days. Account Reconciliation. A report showing the reconciliation of the bank balance to the book balance. Bank statements will be included to verify all checks that cleared bank and to verify with the bank reconciliation. Deposits. A form showing all daily deposits to bank account and the bank deposit receipt attached. I prepare budgets for the upcoming years generally available by the end of October of the preceding year. I have a CPA firm that I use to audit the records each year as required by law. You may have one you prefer which is acceptable to me. 

P.O.Box 99115 Louiville, KY 40269 Phone: 502-365-2287 Fax: 502-365-2603 E-mail: rq@rqco.net

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